sketchbook: doin’ bad things to nice fictional characters

Seeing as its’ President’s Day, it’s sketchbook day. New comics tomorrow.

Remember that show Ugly Betty? Of the soapy TV Ellen watches, that was one of the shows I could most tolerate. I liked how over the top it was; almost a parody of soap operas. I also loved how stupid the conceit of the show was, since clearly the actress playing Betty was far from “ugly.” In the other versions of Ugly Betty syndicated around the world, the character was actually portrayed as being sort of hideous… but I guess Americans couldn’t handle that.

At the bottom, a Frank Miller version of one of Elliot and Henry’s favorite cartoons, Super Why. I am NOT a big fan of Super Why, which often seems cloying and silly to me. I have such high standards of television, huh?

Give me Word Girl any day of the week, and twice on Sunday!

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