odds and ends

You may have noticed this week was the first in about a month and a half that did not zero in with laserlike focus on my journalism class. I decided to take a slight detour because of the abbreviated nature of the week and my excitement/depression over my mustache. Rest assured, we’ll be right back to where we left off this coming Monday.

I don’t pretend the comic strip has much momentum in regards to storytelling or content, but it may please some of you to know that I’m planning my first print edition this summer, to collect all the comics in this second half of the school year.

At any rate: onwards and upwards.


Quick reminder/plea: I’m a little under $300 dollars away from having this DonorsChoose project funded. If you’ve enjoyed the comic at all and are interested in helping my classroom out… well, now you have a way. Use the checkout code ZONKER and your donation will be matched. I only need to get about $15o dollars pledged to get all those cool new graphic novels for my students. Help if you can… there are only 3 days left!


Hastings seems mainly to traffic in books and movies, but they also sell a variety of video games and toys. I have a Wii and it doesn’t get played all that much. A lot of the male students and faculty at my school are obsessive about their video game playing but I never got the bug. I enjoy playing my old games quite a bit, but even when I got the Wii, I couldn’t quite get a grasp on any game made after 1997. Even those I do enjoy (New Super Mario Bros, Epic Mickey) are firmly rooted in the traditions of the earlier games I enjoyed.

Case in point, this past week I bought Batman: The Brave and the Bold from Hastings for like $8 bucks.

It’s a slick side-scolling, beat ’em up game like Double Dragon with some very nice animation and (as far as I’ve played, which isn’t far) some decent writing well in step with the cartoon on which its’ based. A more skilled video game player would likely scoff at my choice but I’m not looking for an immersive video game experience. I want something I can play for half an hour and then turn off.


From the “I Found This Unintentionally Funny” Department:

Bully, a new documentary from The Weinstein Company, focuses on the epidemic of bullying (of course it does). The movie was filmed in high schools across America and was designed in part to be used as a teaching tool for students of that age.

Bully has received an R rating from the MPAA for the excessive use of profanity captured by the documentary filmmakers. Let me be clear: the profanity used by young people in our middle and high schools is too excessive for the Motion Picture Association of America.

I find this to be absolutely instep with what I hear in my school’s hallways everyday. Kids feel freer about cussing today than I know I felt when I was in high school. Full confession: I was often made fun of by my friends for NOT cursing, as they found my restraint odd. I can stand outside my classroom on any given morning and hear “the F bomb” dropped at least half a dozen time in casual conversation…. and this is casual conversation in front of a supposed authority figure!

…at any rate, Harvey Weinstein is appealing the decision and I’m interested to see what becomes of of Bully.

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