chalkboard drawings: the “i speak for the trees” edition

My drawings in a second, but first:

I noticed I have a compatriot in drawing chalkboards last week! My buddy Joe’s student teacher also occasionally throws elaborate chalkboard sketches up on her walls. I loved seeing this for a couple of reasons, but chief among them was how much it reminded me of my time starting out. The whole reason I started drawing on chalkboards was to grab my students when I was a newbie. Heck, I flat-out crutched on my limited artistic abilities when I was working as a teacher in Brooklyn and beyond. It was an easy way to let the kids know, “Here I am, here’s my personality, here’s what I can do.”

At any rate, I thought it was cool. If she draws any more, hopefully I can share them with y’all! Behind the cut… my scribbles.

I was going to do a whole week of Dr. Seuss drawings, but I was sidetracked on Tuesday, didn’t do a drawing, and then promptly forgot.

…and of course, I had to acknowledge Leap Year, right?

None of the kids knew that old chestnut “…in like a lion, out like a lamb.” I guess I’m not surprised, but I’m hoping I remember to draw a lamb at the end of the month.

…and then we ended with The Lorax, on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Everyone should read Tom the Dancing Bug’s take on the stupidity of The Lorax movie’s take on synergy here.

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