chalkboard drawings: the “live from new york” edition

Spurred on by all this talk of The Coneheads, I decided to make this week Saturday Night Live themed. SNL was a driving force  during my teen years and even when the show is at its’ weakest, I love it to bits.

I guess technically, Ed Grimley is not a SNL character; Martin Short brought him along from SCTV. Still, I feel like he deserved a place on the board. I LOVED Ed Grimley as a kid, I must say.

One of the cool things about growing up when I did was that newer episodes of SNL were doing really great material (Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman… gradually giving way to Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and company) and at the same time, Comedy Central was CONSTANTLY rerunning the older episodes of the show. You almost never see any SNL on TV from before the 1990’s these days, but that shit was on cable all the time when I was a lad. You were able to memorize your favorite skits, see them again and again… it was a thing of beauty.

All that’s to say: none of my students recognized ANY of these characters until I drew Gilly on Thursday.

That one, they knew.

I felt like I HAD to do a Chris Farley drawing. Farley was everybody’s favorite cast member when I was in middle and high school and his death broke everyone’s hearts. We loved him so goddamn much. Admittedly, this is not a very good version of Matt Foley but It’s my small tribute.

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