sketchbook: aborted comics!

Here are the first couple of panels for a story I started last year about grad school.

I will never finish this.

Emphatically, this whole comic endeavor is a hobby. Some people collect baseball cards… some build wooden ships inside bottles. I draw comics. As hobbies go, it’s a good one. I enjoy it. It doesn’t cost much. Every once and awhile, I produce something I’m proud to share. Those three things amount to my needs and expectations for the strip.

At the same time, very occasionally, I’ll wonder if I should be working something else, something more. There already exists a lot of material and resources dealing with using comics to teach… but there aren’t many comics about teaching. That seems unique right now; it’s something I could plant my flag on. Sure, “teacher comics” as a concept is one with very limited appeal, but (if I may be so bold) that does seem to be the way that entertainment media is going. Figuring out a way to appeal to very specific demographics and catering to those interested.

So this was my first attempt at doing a long-form story about teaching… or more specifically, my time in grad school learning how to be a teacher. I decided to do it in a more traditional horizontal strip fashion as a challenge. I tried my best to load the few panels I had up with detail, although I don’t know how successful I was at that. It’s one thing to spend two hours drawing individual leaves if you’ve got genuine talent rendering them… it’s quite another if you’re just faffing around.

The story was going to be about the non-existent relationship I had with my advisor in grad school and how that affected my trajectory as a new teacher. I still have the whole thing written and thumbnailed out in my sketchbooks. Perhaps I’ll revisit it sometime… but probably not for awhile.

3 Responses to “sketchbook: aborted comics!”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m currently studying my masters in teaching and check back regularly to see your comics about teaching. Actually, it’s because of how frustrated I was with my advisor that I found your blog, I was looking for other student teachers who may have been going through similar difficulties. Even if you don’t finish drawing this strip, it would be great to see what you’ve written or what the story was.
    – Emma 🙂

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Thanks Emma! Sincerely, it’s comments like this that really make my day… and it also makes me seriously reconsider revisiting the above comic. Maybe this summer!

      • I will admit something to you, when I came across your comics, (mid last year), I spent a whole day and did not sleep that night going through every single one of them…

        I am a fan and really enjoy your blog!

        – Emma 🙂
        (From Melbourne, Australia by the way).

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