chalkboard pictures: the “heroes of the eighties” edition

Obviously inspired by my sons’ recent infatuation with Masters of the Universe, after Monday I decided to catalog some of my OTHER favorite heroes from the decade when I grew up.

I wouldn’t say I loved Thundercats as a kid; although it was more competently produced and animated than He-Man, I always found the backstory for the show needlessly weird. The whole thing where Lion-O started the series as a kid but was accidently aged into an adult body creeped me out as a kid. Still, I cannot deny the theme song or the catchphrases- Thundercats HO!

I’ve always been surprised that Inspector Gadget never made a gigantic comeback the way most children’s properties seem to every few years. Oh there was that silly live action movie a few years ago, sure… but the cartoon was fantastic and a real cornerstone of my childhood. Perhaps it’s a show best left in the past, considering half the appeal of the character lay in Don Adams’ voicework.

Hey man, say what you want… I really liked a lot of the “girl” properties of the 1980’s. I watched My Little Pony and Care Bears without a drop of disdain. My favorite of that lot was Rainbow Brite, though. I liked Rainbow Brite to an unhealthy degree.

3 Responses to “chalkboard pictures: the “heroes of the eighties” edition”

  1. I clicked through hoping for Thundercats, and got Inspector Gadget too! Joy!

  2. Loved Thundercats, but also loved Silverhawks. I had a bunch of the Silverhawks toys, including this awesome giant mechanical eagle:

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      The Silverhawks was one of those cases where I never watched the show but owned a BUNCH of the toys. I had Monstar and the guy with the cowboy hat and guitar. They kind of stood in as canon fodder for my He-Man/Ninja Turtle battles.

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