Please vote for me!

Folks, this is a little embarrassing but I’ve got to ask for your help here. A couple of students here helped me out and submitted my name to this contest Panera Bread is having for Top Teachers in Southwest Ohio.

They posted a video and if we get enough votes, our school could win $1,000 dollars and some other cool stuff.

We were entered into the contest a little late- voting ends in a week’s time… but right now the entry with the highest number of votes is hovering a little under 200. I know that easily three times that number of people read this website daily!

PLEASE take two minutes to click this link and vote for our video. It’s based around the idea I use comics and graphic novels as teaching tools. Vote for the video and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You can vote once a day everyday for the next week.

Fair warning, I’m going to be plugging the HECK out of this in the next week!

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