summer journal comics: elliot made up an insult!

(I colored this using a whole bunch of Prismacolor markers I’m trying out. It looks much better in my sketchbook than it does scanned!)

As we ramp up to the end of the year, I start thinking about what I’m going to do with myself and this blog over the summer. The answer in years’ past has been to turn an eye toward my home life and do a couple of strips featuring Ellen and the boys. In particular, I’d like to do a whole bunch of comics featuring Henry, who has definitely received the short end of the stick on being written and drawn about. Henry’s birth coincided with the second year of my teaching comics and I’ve done very little to detail his personality and character; he’s certainly gotten less attention than his brother… as evidenced in the comic above.

Here’s the wildly ambitious plan right now- I’d like to do a solid month of comics about my homelife. That is, 31 days including weekends. I have no idea if I’m going to be capable or invested enough to get to that point but it seems like a solid experiment to me. It’s a schedule I used to keep pretty regularly, in the days before spousal and parental responsibility.

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