sketchbook: eggtown

A few weeks ago, I was in a professional development and (I know you won’t believe this, but I’m going to come right out and say it) was getting bored. A colleague of mine was doodling on her notebook and she drew this… thing. It sort of looked like a viking egg. I kept it up in my notebook.

It sort of snowballed into a menagerie of breakfast-related characters. That later snowballed into this…

…and then I did this later.

It’s pretty stupid, but I have to admit- I kind of like the designs! They’re cutesy and kind of kid-friendly. I might do a couple of comics this summer with them.

One Response to “sketchbook: eggtown”

  1. Kevin Hellions Says:

    I would love to see more of these. Reminds me of the old Food Fighters toys.

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