students draw me: the senior class

Every year on my final exam, I give students a one point bonus if (after they are finished with the scholastic portion of the test) they draw a picture of me. I spend the better part of the year drawing pictures of myself on the chalkboard, so I’m interested to see what their take on me is.

I got a lot of great drawings and sketches this year and I’m going to take a couple of Sundays out of the summer to show them off.

This week’s drawings come from the seniors in my Media and the Pen class.

(I was drawing during their final exam.)

The tie this student’s making fun of is one my father got me from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a pattern based on this tapestry currently hanging in The Cloisters back in New York City.

I really love this one- it’s my current Facebook picture!

This one CRACKS me up. I had a conversation with a couple of kids about how affected I was by The Muppets. The young lady who drew this is a lovely person and I’m going to keep this drawing for a long time.

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