summer journal comics: broke dad

Here’s a list of smoothie shops, in order of preference:

1. Jamba Juice (Was addicted to them in New York, especially their Orange Dream Machine smoothie. We don’t have them in Ohio… I think the closest one to us is in Chicago, yes I checked).

2. Planet Smoothie (The methadone to Jamba Juice’s heroin. All the smoothies have EXTREMELY stupid names, like someone watched Austin Powers while smoking a joint and decided to model their menu on that experience. My favorite smoothie there is the Twig and Berries.)

3. Smoothie King (Supposedly the original smoothie place and where Elliot and I were when this comic happened. I usually get something called the Light and Fluffy. Have you noticed all these smoothies have names that are really embarrassing to say out loud?)

4. Tropical Smoothie Cafe (Only went here once. I had a coupon. The smoothie I got was kind of gross with huge chips of ice. If someone from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe is reading this and wants to send me some free vouchers, I will give your establishment another chance).

2 Responses to “summer journal comics: broke dad”

  1. There’s a Jamba Juice that opened within the past year in Lexington, KY! That’s about an hour and a half away from Cincinnati, but still closer than Chicago…

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Thank you! You have no idea how great this news is. I am seriously planning a trip to Lexington for next week, based solely around Jamba Juice.

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