thrift store finds: marvel universe black widow action figure

Ok, so this isn’t technically a thrift store find, but it was a decent value. Our local grocery store is currently undergoing a hideous remodel. Seriously, it’s the worst- I was in there last week, wandering around for 40 minutes. They’ve moved everything, eliminated some aisles, combined others and the whole place is an test of my endurance. C’mon! I’m easily confused and just wanted some Goldfish crackers!

Anyway, one consequence of this remodel is the gutting of the store’s toy section. Most grocery stores have small toy sections filled with CRAZY overpriced board games and water pistols. I guess it only took one desperate uncle in need of an emergency birthday gift to justify all that retail space… but not anymore. Our supermarket has streamlined and eliminated most of the toy section, and they’ve put all the remaining stock in deep discount. I’m not a big collector of toys, but if I see something marked down enough, I’ll pick it up.

This is how I happened Black Widow.

Part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line of 3 3/4 inch action figures, this toy retailed at our grocery store for… well, check it out:

That’s a pretty steep markdown.

The packaging is appealing, although mine was pretty beat up by the time I bought her. This figure was originally on shelves in 2010 according to the Internet. It’s understandable it not in “mint” condition. The front of the card features art from Marvel Comics’ artist Mike Deodato, and the back of the card (which I forgot to take a picture of) details the origins of the character and lists some of the other action figures in the series available for purchase.

The sculpting on the figure is a bit… soft is the word I would use, I suppose. Since Black Widow is most recognizable in her black full-body jumpsuit, so it’s not like I would expect a variety of details. Despite that, even in key areas like the face, this toy seems a little mushy. The plastic it’s made of feels incredibly cheap. The belt and “wrist blasters” attached to the character are a nice touch and are permanently attached to the figure.

There’s not much in the way of pain applications, but what there is is decent. Like I said, something about the face is a little off.

If this one is to be used to judge the rest of the line, the Marvel Universe figures would fit in great with Hasbro’s other big action figure line, GI Joe. Here you can see a comparison using a figure from the GI Joe line I similarly found on deep discount at the same grocery store almost three years ago. You can also see the Avatar guy I reviewed for TSF a few years back.

By my count, Black Widow sports 21 points of articulation, which is pretty fantastic. I had no problem getting her into multiple poses.

Some of the joints were a little loose, but nothing too bad.

Black Widow comes with three accessories. The first is her display stand, which includes her name and number. I guess she’s the 11th figure in the series? I’m not sure if there’s any significance to the number beyond that. She also comes with a rifle, which fits into either of her two hands, although I was pleased to note that her right hand is sculpted with a trigger finger. That’s a nice touch.

The toy also come with this Top Secret File Folder. I was slightly impressed by this inclusion, as it shows a pretty strict adherence to the comic books being sold in 2010. Included in the folder are a Registration Act ID Card; at the time this toy was made, Marvel was running a storyline where all superheroes needed to register themselves with the government or be considered outlaws. The card shows her vital stats and an image of the character. Additionally, a Secret code is included. I assume this is some online game but it looks to be defunct now.

Also included is a H.A.M.M.E.R. File, a short letter written about the character. Again, this fits into what was going on in Marvel comic books at the time- H.A.M.M.E.R. was the name of the corrupt government agency in charge of superheroes during a long crossover stoyline. I was a little shocked at this being included with a toy aimed at young children. Take a gander:

Gross right? I suppose the brutality of that letter was perhaps justified by the toymakers knowing lot of 30 year old dudes were buying these toys, at least as many as children. Imagine that.

At any rate… at $2 bucks, this was a good deal. I’ll toss it in the bin with all the other discounted action figures I’ve found over the years. I mean… check this out:

All three of these guys were found in discount bins over the past three years. Maybe after The Avengers movie goes out of theaters, I can round out the team with a marked down Hulk and Captain America.

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  1. […] I would say about 80% of these toys were bought at ridiculous discounts. Most of the Marvel Legends figures were scooped up as that line ended its’ run in stores… a lot of them for $3 bucks apiece. The same thing’s happening right now with Mattel’s DC Universe Classics- they toys are on crazy markdowns around here, a lot like the Marvel Universe Black Widow I wrote about in Thrift Store Finds a few weeks ago. […]

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