odds and ends: cincinnati comic expo, bunheads

Hey hey, final announcements have been made about the guest roster for the 2012 Cincinnati Comic Expo.

I’ve attended the CCE for all of its’ short history and enjoyed myself more each year as the con gets more ambitious. This year, the convention has expanded to two days worth of programming, and they’ve announced an interesting rosters of guests.

This year’s Guests of Honor are Rick Veitch, Steve Bissette, John Totleben, and Thomas Yeates, all artists who worked on DC Comics’ seminal Saga of the Swamp Thing during Alan Moore’s tenure as writer. The Saga of the Swamp Thing trades loom large in my reading as a teenager; I still have my weather-beaten paperbacks of those comics in my library, having too much sentiment for them to ever have traded up to the nice hardcover collections DC has been publishing in recent years.

Of the four guys, I’m pretty interested to speak with Bissette, whose crazy-beautiful dinosaur comic Tyrant was something I read to pieces in the 1990’s.

I wish I was more excited about meeting Dave Dorman, a fantasy/sci-fi painter whose art I really admired as a teenager. He did a lot of work for Dark Horse ComicsAliens comic book franchise… and we all know how I feel about Aliens. His painted illustrations for Aliens: Tribes set the bar for how I imagine those creatures. Earlier this year, Dorman made a couple of exceedingly strange statements with which I didn’t agree and they  soured my enthusiasm a bit about the painter. I suppose I should try to divorce my feelings about the artist from his art?

At any rate, I’m already starting to look forward to the weekend and tentatively planning on bringing Elliot and Henry.


 You all know I’m a fan of Gilmore Girls, right? The dramedy aired on various networks from 2000-2007 is a favorite, despite my possessing a fully functional set of male genitalia. The character interactions, the fast-paced dialogue, the soapy dramatic plotlines… I would never have pegged myself as a GG fan when it first hit the airwaves, but by God, I loved it later and miss it now.

As far as I’m concerned, GG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has a lifetime pass from me. Any show she creates, I will check out. I cannot commit to watching those shows blindly (The Return of Jezebel James was a trainwreck I bailed on as quickly as the FOX network) but I will sample. So it is I found myself watching Bunheads on ABC Family this past Monday.

The show is even less male-friendly than GG, which I would have thought was mathematically impossible… but ASP found a way. It focuses (so far) on a small town dance studio. Bunheads features a lot of the hallmarks I so loved about Gilmore Girls. Quirky characters and lightning fast conversation peppered with pithy allusions to popular culture abound. The pilot episode takes an abrupt turn into maudlin in its’ final minutes, but there was enough to like about Bunheads to offer a tentative recommendation. I’ll be tuning in this Monday to see where it goes.


4 Responses to “odds and ends: cincinnati comic expo, bunheads”

  1. Ahhhhhhh!!! I am soooooo happy ASP is baaaaack. Badababdadada!

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      …and I upgrade my recommendation from “tentative” to a full-on endorsement of Bunheads. The show’s second episode took the maudlin last minute plot twist of the pilot and created a wonderful, emotional episode about the nature of memorializing someone.

      Ratings on Bunheads have not been all that spectacular; I hope ABC Family sticks with the show because it’s something special.

  2. Hey Chris, just did a quick google and found this blog. I see you like ALF comics and I have a heap that you can have if you are interested. I was just looking online to see if they were worth anything but it seems that they are not so they are all yours if you want them. I have what looks like the first 14 comics in various conditions. None great. They are well read and they are yours for nothing if you want them. Just let me know otherwise I’ll be turfing them. Cheers.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Thank you SO much! Yeah, ALF isn’t worth much, besides the “infamous” #48, which some comic sellers try to mark up for its’ “scandalous” nature. Believe it or not, I found a TON of ALF comics this past weekend at CCE. Let me check what issues I acquired this weekend and I’ll get back to you:)

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