summer journal comics: eating sausage & pasta

I’m back after taking a week off, wherein I did no drawing and LOTS of napping.

I have to admit, I’m a bit worried about how some of these comics will come off from here on out, so I guess I’ll say it again today and then at least have the comfort of knowing I said it: While some of these comics are palpable for a “wide” audience, a lot of them are just snapshots of my kids and their behavior. I’m drawing them more for them than anyone else.

To wit, occasionally these things will come off as treacly (today’s certainly might) but that’s OK by me, since it’s something my kids actually did… and the sketchbook I’m drawing them in will sit on my family’s bookshelves for years. I scan ’em and post ’em because people DO seem to enjoy them. Indeed, if this “Site Views” widget is to be believed, personal comics about my family life > comics about me teaching English to high school freshman.

It’s weird and I’ve perhaps mounted a defense against something where I needn’t defend anything but it’s 9:30 and I’m waiting around to proctor a Social Studies OGT, so what the hell.


One Response to “summer journal comics: eating sausage & pasta”

  1. I like both, but being a parent, I think I can appreciate the strips about kids a little more. (My family is chocked full of teachers, so I can appreciate those as well, but probably a little less so.)

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