greetings from the jersey shore!

For almost my entire life, my family’s been vacationing down at the New Jersey shore. We mainly encamped around the Point Pleasant/Seaside Heights/Lavalette area until a few years ago, when MTV started filming Jersey Shore in the same areas. Suddenly, the prices on hotel rooms, restaurants, and boardwalk fun tripled thanks to the show and it’s fans. We moved our vacations to Long Beach Island three years ago and haven’t looked back. LBI is a little more laid back than our previous tourist spots, but with a two and four year old in tow, laid back is kind of what we’re looking for.

The house we rented for the week was pretty fantastic and also a weird commentary on the nature of LBI. It was, essentially, two houses- an older style main house with a full kitchen and dining room… and then a more modern styled apartment/loft area above the garage. The two areas were connected by a bridge/hallway which both Elliot and Henry had good times running up and down, over and over again.

Spent a lot of time on the beach… and a lot of time at the island’s arcade. No summer trip to New Jersey is complete without some skeeball!


The only annoying thing about the trip was this strange sunburn I got on my kneecaps… and nowhere else. Those of you who have been trolling this site, waiting for pictures of my bare kneecaps can die happy.

Final picture for now- I was excited to find the island’s pharmacy carried a small selection of magazines and comic books… but I mean, it was a SMALL offering. I immediately snapped up Superman Family Adventures for Henry- he liked the first issue and loved this one even more. It’s all about Bizarro!

I expect updates to resume next week. Hope everyone’s enjoying summer!








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