thrift store finds: target clearance finds

Twice a year, our local Target liquidates all the toys and games which aren’t big sellers. While in the past, most of the toys I’ve noticed on clearance have been well-deserving of being on the chop, this time around I couldn’t help but notice some darn fun action figures on offer. Combining this with both Elliot and Henry having become old enough to enjoy playing with these types of toys (well, mostly Henry if I’m being honest) was all the motivation I needed to buy some of this stuff.

Mattel DC Universe Classics Mercury action figure : MPR – $17 dollars.

As I mentioned in a comic last month, Mattel’s bringing it’s DC Universe Classics action figure line to a close, which means most of the remaining stock is going for ridiculously cheap prices around here. Mercury is one of the Metal Men, a relatively obscure supehero team from the early 1960’s. Not exactly a character many children would be clamoring for, but I suspect this was one of the problems with the DCUC line; by the end, they had covered just about every DC Comics character you’d ever want as a toy, leaving third stringers like Mercury to fill the line’s final days.

Oh, and he came with the Collect-N-Connect chest piece for Bane! Anyone need a Bane chest? I’m still looking for a Validus left arm.

Found on Clearance for $3 dollars.

Jakks’ Pacific Men in Black III action figures: MPR (for all four toys)- $45 dollars

I saw Men in Black III this summer and the movie was an enjoyable diversion which lept easily over the low bar set by Men in Black II. That being said, the flick was completely overshadowed by some of the bigger hits of the summer and was definitely a case of “Too little, too late.” I mean… it’s been TEN YEARS since the last MiB movie. Any cultural cache the franchise had was long-since diminished.

So you can understand why this toy line didn’t fly off the shelves… kids were more interested in Avengers action figures than a Tommy Lee Jones Agent K. Having said that, these toys are pretty fun!

Oh, they suffer from an obvious problem, since the three of the four I picked up (Agent J, Agent K, and the Stalk-Headed Alien) are almost exactly the same from the neck down. I can see why parents would have been reluctant to buy their kids three of the same toy with SLIGHT differences. Having said that though, the MiB toys have a lot of play value!

Besides a small gun, each one of the action figures in the basic line comes with little transforming rings. Press the red button and they change into tiny vehicles! J gets a sort of sci-fi scooter, Stalk Eyes is equipped with clip-on helicopter roto-blades, and K gets a weird little alien guy.

The Boris figure comes from the Deluxe MiB line, which I also think was quite clever. His vehicle (when collapsed) looks just like the handheld time machine from the movie

…but splits open to reveal a small hovercraft.

These toys are well-designed and have a TON of play value for kids who’ve seen the flick. Hell, my boys haven’t even seen frame one of  Men in Black III and they’re enjoying the transforming accessories and vehicles. I also though it was a nice touch to have these toys be pretty much in scale with most other 3 and 3/4 inch action figures. They blend right in with Star Wars and Spider-Man.

Found on Clearance for: $13 dollars.

Bandai’s Thundercats Action Figures: MPR – $92 dollars (for the lot)

Ok so these first two examples… I get why they didn’t “make it” as a popular boys’ toy. DCUC had reached the end of its’ run. The MiBIII line was based on an under-performing movie and all the toys looked the same. These are real, measurable reasons to understand the failure of a toy line.

Bandai’s Thundercats line though? I haven’t a clue why kids didn’t go for these.

While I have fond memories of the 1980’s version of Thundercats I watched as a child, the majority of this line was based around the new animated series, updating the characters and designs for audiences today. I picked up this four-pack of Thundercats action figures, which included Lion-O, Tygra, Snarf, and evil villain Mumm-Ra.

This four-pack was originally $30 bucks; I found it for $9. These toys have a ridiculous amount of articulation for toys their size and are even more fun when paired with the Thunder Tank.

The Thundercats’ chief conveyance, the Thunder Tank has all sort of fun bells and whistles. Slap in two AAA batteries and the Tank responds to the action figures themselves, via magnets. Sit Lion-O in the cockpit and the Thunder Tank comes to life, with glowing lights and sound effects. It fires off projectiles! It’s equipped with articulated claws! There’s a friggin’ trunk to store your accessories! It’s one of the cooler toys I’ve seen in awhile and I swear, my kids are playing with this thing like it’s the only toy they own. Again, the MPR on the Thunder Tank was $30 bucks; I found it for $9.

…but wait, there’s more. Bandai also decided it would be a good idea to cater to the whims of man-children such as myself who wouldn’t mind shelling out a few bucks for versions of the Thundercats who more closely resemble the models we grew up with. As such, the Thundercats Classic line presented toys more accurate to the original series.

I picked up Lion-O and Mumm-Ra and they are FANTASTICALLY fun toys. The generous amount of joints and articulation allow you to get both toys in a variety of poses, and each comes with a decent number of accessories, including extra hands you can pop in and out of their wrists.

When I was a kid, it always bothered me that my Thundercats toys weren’t to scale with my He-Man figures.

Over twenty years after the fact, they finally are! The Thundercats Classic line was retailing for somewhere around $16 dollars originally; I got both of these toys for $4… and while everything else in this post was gladly given to Elliot and Henry, these two are going up on my display shelf.

Found on Clearance for: $24 dollars (for the lot). 

In total, I spent around $40 dollars on all these toys. If I had bought them when they first hit shelves, I would have spent over $150 dollars! That’s not exactly a Thrift Store Find, but it’s decently thrifty.

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