quick friday update

Hey howdy folks, thought I’d check in with a quick update on what’s going on in the new school year. My classes started in earnest this week and on the whole, I have to say I have a terrific bunch of students this year. I’m going to miss the group from last year but I think I’ll enjoy working with the class of 2016 for the next few months. I should also mention my class of seniors, with whom I’m also looking forward to working.

Our school is moving toward a new model for placing students in classes and it’s causes some initial kinks to the beginning of the year… specifically in regards to class size. No joke; I have a seventh period class of 40 students! FORTY! My classroom can’t even hold thirty desks! I’ve got kids sitting on the floor!

It looks like I may be asked to give up my prep period and teach a full load of seven classes. I’m not sure what to think about this option. I would get paid 1/7th of my salary for the work, which would be nice. The new class would be an advanced English class; the possibility of working with motivated students make this a little easier to anticipate. On the other hand, I’m worried it would be like running a marathon every day for 185 days. I’m a little winded just from writing this update; imagine what seven nonstop periods of instruction will do to me.

More updates as time allows.

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