A State of the Comic Address

Teacher comics will recommence this coming Monday. In past years, I’ve started them today (the Tuesday following Labor Day) but it always felt strange to me to begin my first full week of comics on a week where everybody has Monday off.

I’ve made a couple of decisions concerning the format of the comic I want to mention before next week. In previous years, the comic was essentially a 6 to 8 panel strip, Monday through Thursday. I don’t want to oversell myself as an artist or anything but doing a comic that size four times a week… it was tough work! There’s a reason why newspaper comic artists only do an oversized Sunday strip once a week, I’ve found!

I never did mind the work, because it was the best way to get my ideas across and it gave me a lot of opportunities to stretch my artistic wings, as meager as they might be. I just want to emphasize: where volume is concerned, a strip like that four times a week can be a daunting proposition.

I’ve come to the conclusion I won’t be able to produce strips in that format regularly for this school year. Teaching seven periods straight with no prep time leaves me pretty knackered at the end of the day. Drawing relaxes me and is truly a hobby of mine so I’d never stop doing the comic entirely but something had to give.

…and here it is. I’ll still be producing comics on a M-Th schedule, but they’ll be closer in format to the journal comics I was posting this summer; one to three panel comic strips. I’ll try to make each comic a story unto itself, but also add up to one big comic. After three years of posting these comics, I’m hoping I’ll have the shorthand built up with my audience where this won’t seem to severe a cut! I’m honestly excited about the possibilities and challenges this affords me for the upcoming months.

Fridays will remain my self-indulgent Odds & Ends day, Saturdays will still bring Thrift Store Finds, and this coming Sunday will begin my year of chalkboard photo posts. I invite you to take a look at the links below to see what fun stuff I did in the last school year… and hope to do with the upcoming school year.

My teacher journal comics for the 2011-2012 school year.

Odds & Ends posts.

Thrift Store Finds posts.

Chalkboard photo posts.


One Response to “A State of the Comic Address”

  1. That sounds like a good schedule. I do appreciate how hard it is to do those long comics every day or even more than one a week! Hope your year goes well!

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