thrift store finds: disney adventures magazine (volume 4, number 11)

This week, we’re looking at Disney Adventures Magazine (Volume 4, Number 11), published in  August 1994. Cover price on this was $2.50, I paid a buck.

Disney Adventures was a digest-sized magazine published throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, featuring comics and light features aimed at children. Besides the Archie digests, DA was one of the only places a kid could regularly find comics at the local supermarket… making it an instabuy for me when I was growing up. The majority of the comics were (naturally) Disney inspired. While they’d occasionally run straight-up adaptations of their movies, I always read for their take on the Disney Afternoon characters, like this one-pager featuring characters from Darkwing Duck.

Of course, the big draw for this particular issue was not a Disney related comic but the inclusion of a Bone story by Jeff Smith!

Disney Adventures serialized the first issue of Bone in the three months previous to this issue. Jeff Smith’s comedic fantasy series was a natural fit for the magazine and Smith eventually produced a brand-new story for DA.

Taking place sometime between issues 13 and 14 (you can tell because Lucius and Smiley are fixing the roof on Gran’ma Ben’s cottage in the first panel) this story finds Fone Bone and Phoney Bone discovering a treasure map

and tangling with a big eagle.

Besides being a new 8 page Bone story, “May the Force Be With You” was the first Bone story (outside of the first issue) to be printed in color. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal today when you can pick up the entire series in color, but Bone was originally published in black and white. Seeing the characters in color was a cool change in 1994. It’s interesting to note that the colors in the magazine were done by Tom Luth. Luth is famously known for his color work on books like Usagi Yojimbo and Groo the Wanderer. Future color collections of Bone would be produced exclusively by Steve Hamaker. Indeed, Hamaker would go on to re-color “May the Force Be With You” for a future Bone trade, to keep the work looking more in line with the other collections. It’s interesting to see Luth’s work on Smith’s pencils; he goes for a slightly watercolored take which I think looks great… but I can understand why Smith might have wanted the story recolored later on.

Of course, there’s a bunch of other stuff included here. Disney Adventures strived to be as “of the moment” as possible in its’ coverage and most of the features positively reek of the Nineties. For example, here’s a hilarious take on the popular slang of the day.

I love that “Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman” was a cool show to watch in Elizabethtown in 1994… hope everyone was wearing their body suits and eating their favorite “circle of death” during the latest episode!

There’s a section on movies, TV, and comics that features an interview with superhero comic artist/industry punching bag Rob Liefeld which made me laugh to think there was a time that comic artists had enough cache to be a featured interview in such a widely circulated magazine.

Say what you want about Rob… I can’t think of one comic creator today who would fit that bill.

…and then there’s a bunch of longer interviews (Jim Carrey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) a short story, some puzzles… it’s your typical kids magazine.

2 Responses to “thrift store finds: disney adventures magazine (volume 4, number 11)”

  1. I was such a big fan of Disney Adventures! I collected them from the time I was a kid until right about the time they pulled the plug!

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      I’m glad to hear it. For a Disney fan, it was a wonderful publication. Even non-Disney fans had to admire some of the really well-produced comics.

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