the semi-annual “teachable moments” fundraising drive

It’s that time again, folks: two times every calendar year, I take a break from posting comics and ask you to show your support for my classroom and (hopefully) my artwork by presenting you with the opportunity to donated a couple of bucks to my class’s lending library. I do this through DonorsChoose, an eminently worthwhile organization who have been aiding me in building a compelling library for my students in the last four years.

Our school’s media center/library has not received regular state funding in over a decade. Read that again: The state of Ohio has not funded new books for my school’s library in over TEN YEARS. New, compelling books are thin on the ground for most of my students… which is a shame. If ever there was a community more in need, I haven’t worked there.

My classroom’s library has been featured in The Middletown Journal and Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 blog. I work tirelessly to make sure my students have access to new and compelling novels, non-fiction, and comics. If you’ve enjoyed the comics over the past four years, I ask you to make a small donation.

My DonorsChoose page is here. Check out both projects and choose the one you like best.

Use the matching code PUMPKIN, DC will match your donation. Donate $10 bucks… DonorsChoose will give me $20. It’s that simple. Generations of young readers will appreciate your support… and so will I.

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