thrift store finds: upstate NY finds

A few weekends ago, my family and I went for a little trip to Western New York. We met up with my parents and sister in the hamlet of Fredonia. I went to college in Fredonia for my undergraduate studies and while I’ve been back visiting the town a few times since then, those visits coincided with either holiday weekends or the summer. This was my first trip back to my college while it was in full swing, and it was a very fun experience.

Ellen and I can’t go ANYWHERE without thrift store shopping and this trip was no different. On our first day in town, we ran across a church rummage sale and of course, I have some finds to share with you. Everything we found, we got for $2 dollars. Not $2 dollars each item… $2 dollars TOTAL. The rummage sale was having one of those “You give us two bucks, we’ll give you a bag and you fill it up.”

Keep in mind as well, MOST of our bag was filled with clothing and other Ellen-centric items. These are just my geeky items.

Ask for May, Settle for June is the Doonsebury collection which features the strips where Joanie Caucus marries Rick Redfern, a well-remembered storyline from that comic. I wrote about Doonesbury comic paperbacks earlier this year.

Here Comes Snoopy, published by our friends at Fawcett Crest was a good find. Originally published in 1955, this is a reprint from 1958. A lot of the Snoopy comics in this collection come from before Snoopy had severely severed ties from reality; he was looking and acting more like a run of the mill dog.

The Dennis the Menace Pocket Full of Fun digest is probably my favorite find. My friend Kelly sent me a bunch of these and I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk about them… but this one in particular is right up my alley as it’s almost 200 pages of Christmas themed Dennis stories! Maybe I’ll swing back around to this one for this year’s Christmas Comics Cavalcade

Sonic the Hedgehog Archives Volume 2 collects issues #5 through #8 of Archie Comics’ long-running series based on the popular video game character. I’d never read any Sonic comics, despite it being tremendously popular with young kids. I thought I’d give it a look and then give it to Elliot and Henry.

Akbar and Jeff’s Guide to Life by Matt Groening. I’m looking forward to the day the entirety of Life in Hell is collected in nice, bookshelf-ready volumes. Until that point, I’ll have to wait and pick these smaller collections up whenever I find ’em.

Richlife Mighty Mouse and his Friends New Fun Book is a coloring book which baffles me. It looks like it was a giveaway for the RichLife company, who made things like chewable vitamins and carob drink mix. I’m guessing the book was made during the brief Mighty Mouse revival of the 1980’s, when Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures was on Saturday mornings… but the drawings in this thing look like it came straight from the 1950’s. So I don’t know. It’s interesting though!

…and finally, my best find, the one I was shocked to come across:

The MAD Magazine Game from Parker Brothers!

Sort of a parody in and of itself, the game is a lot like Monopoly… just in reverse. According to the rules, you start out with $10,000 dollars and then your goal is to try and go broke. First one to the poorhouse wins. The box and game board are illustrated by famed MAD artist Jack Davis and it looks awesome.

Again, all this stuff (plus a bunch of clothes and other things) only cost us $2 bucks.

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