2012-2013 school year: collegiality

I know the comic has been coming off a bit more negative of late. I think it’s a symptom of my overall teaching schedule which, as I say in the strip above, is killer. I’ve worked on being quite positive in my comics in the past two, three years so hopefully this brief change of pace won’t throw anyone for a loop.

Also, credit where credit is due: Today’s comic contains a reference to the late, lamented animated series The Critic.

One Response to “2012-2013 school year: collegiality”

  1. Kevin Hellions Says:

    Chris, they’re not negative at all. I’m friends with many teachers and this is how all of them feel. Every fiber screams I just want to help these kids learn and become great adults. Yet there is wall after wall blocking that goal at every turn. You are far from alone in your feelings. You could run a year’s worth of strips just on the new school lunch rules.

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