what I’m doing over thanksgiving break

Today’s our last day of class before break, so I thought it was time to look forward.

Seemingly over the course of time I’ve been doing this comic, I’ve become one of those guys who wakes up early and goes and waits in line outside a retailer on Black Friday. I’m somewhat comforted in my choice of store. I love Half-Price Books Black Friday deal – the first 100 people into the store get at $5 dollar gift card and everything’s 15% off. I don’t even have to elbow a lot of people out of my way when I go as most of the shoppers there are looking for deals on DVDs and BluRays.

One Response to “what I’m doing over thanksgiving break”

  1. […] I hit up the Half-Price Books Black Friday sale every year. My main goal is to pick up stocking stuffers for Ellen and the boys but I have to admit, I indulge pretty heavily in some buying for myself. This year, although they stuck with the standard $5 gift certificate for early bird shoppers, HPB switched things up a bit. Whereas the store normally offers a blanked percentage off your entire purchase, this year you could either get 40% off one thing… or $15 bucks off of a purchase of $50 dollars. I went with the latter sale and above are a few of my purchases. […]

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