odds and ends: the christmas creep and awful holiday commercials of 2012

Personally, I don’t care very much about the “Christmas creep” which seems to drive a percentage of our population bonkers. Yes, I dislike seeing Christmas trees being stocked next to jack o’ lanterns but I understand the impulse on both the parts of the retailers and the consumers at large. What I cannot stand this year are the Christmas commercials. Complaining about commercials has become a small hobby of mine on Twitter, where people seem to go for inane discourse.

Let the record show, there have been a lot of holiday themed commercials I’ve enjoyed in recent years! The Target ads featuring Maria Bamford were really fun. I liked the Hyundai commercials featuring YouTube musicians Pomplamoose. I’ve even come to enjoy the rank stupid excess of the Zales Jewelers and Lexus ads. This year, however… oh boy, this year is something else.

Let’s start with this incessantly annoying K-Mart commercials:

I’m very much afraid the constant loop of “The lights, the lights the lights, the lights the lights the lights” is going to force me to kill someone before December 25th.

…or how about this miscarriage of good taste, brought to you by Macy’s:

I don’t get it, honestly. Macy’s has always been such a careful protector of the Miracle on 34th Street brand. When that flick was remade in the 1990’s, Macy’s refused to play ball, sticking with the nostalgia attached to the classic. To see Edmund Gwinn talking to Donald Trump like that? It sort of breaks my heart a little bit. I mean, I know the executors of Gwinn’s estate signed off on the ad but it just seems so… crass. It’s crass and entirely against the theme of the original flick.

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