2012-2013 school year: vomit = day off

I’m hoping this is a relatable problem for teachers because it’s something that’s become nearly epidemic for me in the past few years.


One Response to “2012-2013 school year: vomit = day off”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I had a parent email about his student missing the day of finals for a family reunion. I told him we are doing a portfolio project that we’re starting on Monday, and I’ll even allow him to take it home (which isn’t really something I’m letting anybody do) if he gets it in on the day before he’s set to leave. Now I’m getting an email saying, “Well, how BIG is this project and you’re expecting him to get it in a day BEFORE everyone else?” Except that I’m letting him take it home… not the same thing, and probably a little unfair to everyone else especially since his excuse for missing the final is to go on vacation a day earlier than everyone else.

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