2012-2013 school year: typical?

…and so ends this thing I was doing this week. Again, I’m hoping this is something other teachers see and deal with at some point. It’s not the norm but something I’m seeing a lot more often in the past few years.


2 Responses to “2012-2013 school year: typical?”

  1. I think this stuff depends a lot on your location. I work in a fairly stable area (though I still have a few of these) but I saw it more when I was student teaching in a high mobility area with many immigrant families who would just up and go visit los abuelitos in El Salvador for a month. Either way, it’s still a huge pain to deal with because yeah… the work is never done when they get back, so why do they even bother asking?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      You’re describing my school’s demographic to a tee, Courtney… and you’re right, it’s not the missed days I mind so much. The work is so rarely completed when these students come back to school, I’d prefer them just coming and see me after the trip and getting the work then.

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