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sketchbook: santa claus conquers the sketchbook

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A few days ago I was watching Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s first Christmas episode, where Joel and the ‘bots watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. I doodled a little bit in my sketchbook while the flick was on and here are the results. I remember hearing rumors of an MST3K comic book years ago and I always wondered how that would have looked.

elliot’s drawings: you will be visited by three spirits

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Elliot drew the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Can you tell which is which?

Christmas Comic Cavalcade: DC Comics Presents #67

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In our final Christmas Comic Cavalcade of 2012, let’s look at DC Comics Presents #67, published in 1983. This yuletide comic was plotted by Len Wein and E. Nelson Bridwell, illustrated by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson.


That gorgeous cover is by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, by the way…

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odds and ends: my christmas decorations, updated

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Last year, I posted about my Christmas toy collection. That’s been a weirdly well-trafficked post, if all the WordPress site traffic things are to be believed. Seeing as that was popular, I thought I’d update a bit with some of my newer holiday acquisitions.

Two new guys on this shelf, which was last year just a catch-all for my Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.


I missed out on the first release of Frosty the Snowman figures from a couple of years ago. When I saw Forever Fun had rereleased Frosty, I snapped him up immediately. He’s a fairly good figure with some screen specific accessories. The hat is supposed to stick to Frosty’s head via a magnet, but it’s so weak I had to stick it on there with some FunTac.  Unfortunately they haven’t made a Professor Hinkle or Karen yet.

I’m dancing around the idea of starting to collect the toys made from Mickey’s Christmas Carol. It’s a cartoon I love but some of the pieces I’d need to round out a set are prohibitively expensive right now. I’ve only see Scrooge McDuck on eBay a handful of times and he always sells for a ridiculous amount of dough. I scooped up Goofy as Jacob Marley for a song though.

By that same token, there are MANY more Peanuts characters I could track down for my Charlie Brown Christmas display I’m going to draw the line with my final new acquisition.


No Peanuts display would be complete without Lucy Van Pelt. They’re all sort of crammed in there, but Lucy’s there in the back, manning her psychiatric booth. These toys are really wonderful. It’s a shame the company that makes them shifted formats a few years ago. They used to be about 6 inches tall, but now they’ve moved toward offerings around 4 inches.

I have to admit, of the five or six little collections I have going, finding new things for my Christmas display is one of the more fun ones of late.  It’s gotten to the point where I’ve gone against one of my old rules for buying these toys, whereby I’d only scoop them up after December 25th, when stores have crazy discounted them. The Toys r Us where I picked up Frosty at full price also had a couple of characters from the Frosty’s Winter Wonderland sequel, including Frosty’s wife Crystal and Frosty’s two kids. I may go back to TRU sometime after New Year’s and see if the rest of the snowman clan will be discounted.

the best/worst forged note ever

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During semester exam week, my school runs on the following schedule: From 7:15 until 11:00 in the morning, we administer exams. If a student brings in a signed note from their parents, they are allowed to leave the school for the rest of the day. This practice isn’t unique to my high school, although I’d never heard of a thing like this until I started teaching in the Midwest.

ANYWAY, teenagers being how they are, every year I get a student or three who forgets to get a note and ends up stuck at school for the duration. This is a pretty grim prospect for most students, as almost 90% of their friends have packed up and taken off for the afternoon. As such, I will get a handful of forgeries every time exams start up.

I’ve seen a LOT of forged notes in my time teaching… but this one is by far the best. Or… the worst.


Your eye immediately be drawn to the misspelled word, but my favorite part of the note is the “parent” signature. You know, because all adults sign their name with the artful flourish of extending our T cross ACROSS THE PAGE.

The student who did this is a pretty nice kid. I called him on it right away and he copped to the forgery. He also said it was alright if I shared this with you guys. I give him some credit… at least he didn’t sign it from “Epstein’s mother.”

2012-2013 school year: fifty shades

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To anticipate a question, I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey and I’m not planning to. A couple of my students have told me they’ve read book but no one’s asked to do a book report on it or anything. As a rule, I’d never tell a student they couldn’t read a book, but I would probably not allow it to be used for sustained silent reading in my class, in the same way I don’t allow students to read urban fiction for school projects.

elliot’s drawings: haunted house

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Elliot drew this awesome haunted house for me a few weeks ago and If forgot to post it.

christmas comic cavalcade: walt disney’s holiday parade (disney comics)

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This week, we’re looking at Walt Disney’s Holiday Parade, published by Disney Comics in 1990.


It’s a 64 page collection, priced at $2.95.

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timeline of today

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I don’t have very much insight to offer and I know this comic is really lousy but it felt important to quickly document today. I think I drew it in about fifteen minutes and I may very well delete this post by tomorrow. We’ll see.

Surprisingly, my students didn’t talk much about the Newtown shooting in the back half of the day. Most of them are equipped with smart phones so I would have thought the word would have gone around like crazy. It did not, from what I could tell. I anticipate Monday being full of difficult conversations and anger from many of my students.

2012-2013 school year: kmg-partee

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I’m posting a comic on a Friday!