the best/worst forged note ever

During semester exam week, my school runs on the following schedule: From 7:15 until 11:00 in the morning, we administer exams. If a student brings in a signed note from their parents, they are allowed to leave the school for the rest of the day. This practice isn’t unique to my high school, although I’d never heard of a thing like this until I started teaching in the Midwest.

ANYWAY, teenagers being how they are, every year I get a student or three who forgets to get a note and ends up stuck at school for the duration. This is a pretty grim prospect for most students, as almost 90% of their friends have packed up and taken off for the afternoon. As such, I will get a handful of forgeries every time exams start up.

I’ve seen a LOT of forged notes in my time teaching… but this one is by far the best. Or… the worst.


Your eye immediately be drawn to the misspelled word, but my favorite part of the note is the “parent” signature. You know, because all adults sign their name with the artful flourish of extending our T cross ACROSS THE PAGE.

The student who did this is a pretty nice kid. I called him on it right away and he copped to the forgery. He also said it was alright if I shared this with you guys. I give him some credit… at least he didn’t sign it from “Epstein’s mother.”

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