thrift store finds: another round of rejected finds!

…that’s right y’all. Most of the time I buy stuff from flea markets and thrift stores and manage to squeeze a couple of hundred words out of them for this weekly post… but sometimes, it’s just not meant to be. Here are a couple of TSF I couldn’t quite work up into a full column.

As previously documented, I pick up classic GameBoy cartridges whenever they come up for sale at our St. Vincent dePaul; the store sells them for $4 bucks apiece and on the first Monday of every month, that price is halved.


A James Bond fan recently divested himself of two 007 games which I scooped up: 1998’s James Bond 007 for the Gameboy and 2001’s The World is Not Enough  for GameBoy Color. I would guess both of these games were released in the wake of 1997’s Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, one of the most popular games made for that particular system.

The World Is Not Enough is kind of a pain in the ass and no fun but James Bond 007 is surprisingly awesome! It takes a lot of gameplay cues from The Legend of Zelda which… y’know, if you’re going to steal, steal from the best. Although it was released during the Pierce Brosnan era, James Bond 007 more often tips its’ hat to classic Bond adventures. So far in the game, Oddjob has been used as a boss and I know Jaws is later used as well. There’s a variety of gameplay, from typical fights with villains to casino games of chance.

It’s not a game that’s going to change the way you look at action adventure, but James Bond 007 is solid. It’s also one one the last traditional black and white GameBoy games ever made for the original system. It was a good find!


I thought I’d have something to say about this cassette tape soundtrack for the TV series My So-Called Life. I’m a huge fan of the show and thoroughly documented that love when I did a TSF on the novelized sequel My So-Called Life Goes On. Cassette tapes are such a document of the time MSCL came into the world… if I could have found a working Walkman to play the thing, it could have been a fun post. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

The track list is pretty true to the show, I will say. The first cut is Juliana Hatfield playing Make It Home, the song immortalized in MSCL’s holiday episode, So-Called Angels.

They got Buffalo Tom on here which is good. They figured into this episode:

…of course, they used “Soda Jerk” on the soundtrack instead of “Late at Night” but minor quibble, minor quibble.

The soundtrack also features Sonic Youth, Daniel Johnston, and Afghan Whigs. It’s a pretty robust collection of performers who made their names in the 1990’s. Would that I could dig into this further.


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