Teacher Comics: My game


Teenagers curse… and teachers have to deal with it. I’m not endorsing the practice but I am saying, if it’s happening BEFORE class starts, you know, a guy has to pick his battles. I guess I make a distinction between cussing like this, and the times when someone says something hurtful TO someone… or when it’s cussing IN the school building, rather than outside, before the day officially begins.

If anyone’s interested in hearing me go more in depth on this subject let me know. I have lots of thoughts.

2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: My game”

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  2. I student taught in an all 9th grade building. Separating them out from the rest of the high school seemed to result in kids feeling superior about being in high school, without the upper classmen to take them down a notch. Swearing was a HUGE part of that. I remember one day sitting in my empty room and another teacher poked his head in and said, “Did you hear? Fuck!” That about sums it up.

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