Teacher Comics: Word Wall


Here’s what our word wall looks like:


I later went back and put these in alphabetical order… but yeah, it’s kind of fun. The kids did a good job!

2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: Word Wall”

  1. I’m always surprised by how much a few small words (dost, o’er, really any contraction that has become obsolete) repeatedly confound my students, especially those who are struggling readers. I think they’re used to having to puzzle through the big words but it takes a really, really long time for the little words to become “sight words” and it frustrates them.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Well put. Honestly, they have a LOT of resources for the big words when we’re reading Shakespeare. Our 9th grade text goes through great pains to point out antiquated words… but yeah, the thought was, let’s not have them get hung up on the difference between “hither” and “thither” while they’re trying to parse the Bard.

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