chalkboard drawings: the “wibbly wobbly timer wimey” edition

Short week this week with Presidents’ Day. I thought I’d have a go at some of the various incarnations of Doctor Who; as a lot of y’all know, I’m a recent convert to the series through the NuWho series, but I’ve been slowly going back and getting into the older episodes.


Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor being a particular favorite of mine and I’ve been trying to watch a lot of the highlights of his tenure. I’m planning on taking inThe Sontarian Experiment this weekend.


Truth be told, I haven’t seen much of Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor… but that costume BEGS to be drawn on a chalkboard with colored chalk, so there it is.

doctor 3

David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor is MY Doctor; if you’re a fan of the show, you know what I mean when I use that possessive pronoun.


Don’t take that to mean I don’t love Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor; Smith’s incarnation has been fantastic and I’m looking so forward to April.

Of course, the question probably is “Mr. Pearce, did any of your students know who these drawings were supposed to be?” The answer, I’m happy to say, is YES! A small number of highly awesome students knew right away what I was up to.

Perhaps someday I’ll swing back around and draw the Doctors I missed.

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