Teacher Comics: Lending Library


Students are allowed to read a book after they are finished with the Ohio Graduation Test, so my book nook did a brisk business over the past week.

I’m enormously proud of my classroom’s lending library. I’ve worked pretty tirelessly over the last five years to create a space full of awesome books for teenage readers, including a sizable section of graphic novels. I scour thrift stores, secondhand shops, and yard sales to either find good books for my classroom, or books I can sell at a profit and use the cash I get for those books to buy better ones for my classroom. Our school’s media center has not received any funding from the state of Ohio for almost TEN YEARS, people. It’s a travesty I try to combat a little with my collection of books.

It’s so rewarding when I have kids who took classes with me three years ago come by and tell me how much they loved a certain novel or book they would have never been in contact with if it hadn’t been because of a resource I created.

2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: Lending Library”

  1. I fully understand the frustration of underfunding in the schools!!!

    We (the PTO which I am part of) did a readathon and book drive last month. The kids all got sponsors and had to read so many hours.

    With the book drive we got so many donations that each child in the school was able to pick a book (and the ones from homes in need got to choose two) After that there was still enough left over where we were able to let the teachers come in and pick books for their classroom library as well as having a good chunk to donate to the school Library!

    With the money we raised we were able to buy enough books from Scholastic to give each child an additional book. So each child went home with at least two new books as well as having spent a week and a half putting extra reading time in!

    It was a very rewarding project to work on. It was nice knowing that we had helped to encourage these kids to pick up a book and to put books in places where they would have the ability to read them.

  2. Christopher Pearce Says:

    Reblogged this on Teachable Moments and commented:

    My current teaching assignment doesn’t allow me to focus attention on my classroom’s lending library as much as I would like, but you still do get those moments where young people who are excited to read find out they have access to great books in my room. Those moments are wonderful.

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