odds and ends: gem city comic con finds

Thought I’d share some of my Gem City Comic Con finds from today!


I go to these shows primarily to dig through the quarter bins and I found about a box worth of reading for the next few months.


It’s nice when you can find a full run of some comic book run you’ve heard about for a quarter apiece and that’s what we’ve got here: Mark Waid and Andy Kubert’s 12 issue run on Marvel Comics’ Ka-Zar! I’ve never read any Ka-Zar comics before but these issues received good notice when they came out in the late ’90’s. I’m interested to check them out.


Potentially the coolest quarter bin find today was The Batman Chronicles #21, which features to date the only DC Comics work writer Brian Michael Bendis has ever done for the company. There was a big to-do over this book a few years ago when Bendis was agitating for an inter-company crossover between Batman and Daredevil. I don’t know about now, but back a few years ago this was a pretty coveted book!



I also use these cons to to sample some new books. My buddy Delano told me I should check out Uncanny Avengers and I have some residual good will toward the Mars Attacks property. Good notes on Dial H got me to drop $2 bucks on the first two issues. We’ll see; hope springs eternal.


Some wonderful dealer was selling Image Comics’ trades for $5 dollars apiece and I went in on a couple. Dancer and Saga both come highly recommended; I’ve read the first issue of Saga and thought it was great. Ditto the first issue of Prophet, it was weird and wonderful. Mudman I picked up because I’m a fan of Paul Grist’s work; Kane was a comic I read pretty religiously in my teenage years and I’ve liked what I’ve read of Jack Staff as well. You won’t find a bigger fan of the collaborations between Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips than me, but I didn’t warm to Fatale in the first two issues. I decided to give the series another shot with the first two trades.


Stickin’ with Brubaker’s work for a second, Marvel must be liquidating their recent Omnibus trades because I snagged Captain America Lives! for $2o bucks.


Finally, I picked this crazy toy up for Elliot and Henry. Henry especially is deep into his fascination with Ninja Turtles. Elliot’s always been more interested in baby dolls and toys like that. I thought this toy straddled both of their interests’ nicely. It’s April O’Neil, the “Ravishing Reporter”. It’s one of the goofier versions of April I’ve ever seen… and keep in mind, her default outfit is a banana yellow jumpsuit.

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