Teacher Comics: Cliffhanger?


Apologies for being away from comics for so long, folks. If you’ve been following me on Tumblr, I’ve been regularly posting older content from this site for a new audience and I’ve been generally pleased at how well-received they’ve been. I took that step because frankly, teaching 7 classes with no break had finally gotten the better of me and I was starting to feel a bit burned out. I don’t believe my work was suffering but my hobbies definitely suffered… ergo, the lack of posts for most of the last month.

This comic should easily lead into next year’s run of strips though, which should pick up in September. In the interim, I will continue my tradition of posting summer journal comics featuring my wife and children starting this Monday.

3 Responses to “Teacher Comics: Cliffhanger?”

  1. Bradley Bartlett Says:

    I would like to think that whoever you get to work with you as a student teacher should consider themselves lucky.Though English is not one of my teachable subjects (yet…), I thought it would be awesome to sit in on one of your classes. I started to read your blog last year as a pre-service teacher and I have used a couple of your comics in my classroom management courses to add some humour to class presentations. My peers enjoyed your work, Thanks!

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Hey, thanks so much! I’m just now preparing comics for the 2013-2014 school year and seeing this comment is much appreciated:)

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