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Summer Journal Comics: Summer School!

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Yes, we’ll briefly shift back into “teacher comics” mode for the next few days. I know you’re all jazzed!

Thrift Store Finds: Georgie (book and LP)

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This week, we’ll be looking at Georgie by Robert Bright, originally published in 1944 by Doubleday and Co, republished in 1968 by Scholastic Book Services.


I paid 50 cents for my copy, which included both a small version of the original book and a vinyl recording of the story.

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Summer Journal Comics: Salsa Guy!

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I love the salsa from The Salsa Guy, which is sold fresh in our Farmers’ Market every weekend during the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I think it’s one of my favorite foods today; if you live in the greater Cincinnati area, go to the West Chester Farmers’ Market and get some. Nothing right now makes me happier than a homemade chicken quesadilla with a dab of sour cream and a heaping helping of salsa.

…except my lovely wife and children, I guess. I can see THEM all year round; fresh salsa’s a three or four months out of the year occurrence.

Summer Journal Comics: My jobs

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I’ve been trying to do at least ONE thing a day EVERYDAY around the house this summer. I count messing around with a screen door for two hours as “a thing” even if it was unsuccessful. Screen doors are a pain in the ass!

Summer Journal Comics: Big Lie

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The lady who took my blood assured me that while the lie sounded totally fake, living in Africa for an extended period of time IS a valid ready why a blood bank would take a pass on your plasma. I’d also like to be clear: This was a lie that just sort of fell out of me in total panic. I neither planned to say what I said, nor am I especially proud of the fact that I said it.

The content of my big lie was something I learned from a friend of mine in high school who DID in fact go to Africa as a missionary and was one of the best people I’ve ever known. Much better than me and my endless lies!

Summer Journal Comics: Walking to the library

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Thrift Store Finds: Def Leppard #1 by Rock Fantasy Comics

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Today we’re looking at Def Leppard #1, published by Rock Fantasy Comics in 1990. Cover price on this was $3 bucks; I got it for a quarter at Half-Price Books.


A couple of things before we dig in. I am not a fan of this band. I am sure there are legions of fans who worship Def Leppard’s feet at the but, if I’m being honest with you, I’ve always viewed DL as something of a joke. The “glam rock” era of music offered many bands worth of derision; I lump Def Leppard in with those groups in my mind. Before I started writing this, the only song I could identify with confidence as a Def Leppard song is “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

I also know nothing about Rock Fantasy Comics, an outfit that published many comic books centering on famous rock musicians. If this book is indicative of the type of work the company regularly published, there’s a reason I’ve never heard of Rock Fantasy Comics before this week. In the introduction to Def Leppard, publisher Michael Valentine Smith explains the reasoning behind this comic, saying:

Rock has often taken the attributes of Science Fiction or Fantasy to fire the imagination of its’ audience. We thought it might be fun to turn the tables and combine Rock and Roll with Fantasy/Science Fiction for the printed page. So we’ve created an imaginary universe and peopled it with characters in the guise of some of our favorite Rock Stars. We make no claims of accuracy, since the stories are “Work of Fiction”.

I had to clean that up a bit; Smith might be a titan in the rock ‘n roll comic publishing industry, but his grammar and usage is pretty atrocious throughout this comic.

“Atrocious” is probably a good place to start concerning the content of this book; it’s an anthology of four stories featuring Def Leppard. Anthologies can often prove to be a mixed bag, with some good stories and some bad ones. This is NOT a mixed bag. All the stories are uniformly bad.

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Sketchbook: Batty-boy

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First of all, I love Tommy Boy. I think it’s a classic and please understand, I don’t use that word lightly.

Secondly, I did not write this thing. One of my students did! Or at least, he came up with the basic idea and I fleshed it out.

Summer Journal Comics: Shouting Game

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Summer Journal Comics: Exercise thoughts

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In my twenties, I absolutely loathed people who identified as urban cyclists. While I certainly did know a person or two who managed to live in one of New York City’s five boroughs while owning a bike and not becoming a hideous douche, for the most part people seem to be subsumed by bike culture the moment their feet touch a pedal. Putting it simply, a lot of people use bicycles not because they’re a convenient conveyance or because they like them… they use them to be part of the culture, and to be as obnoxious to non-bikers as their means allowed.

Having said that, I don’t know how much I should talk about my exercising in these summer strips. I don’t want to come off as sounding like I’m a real bicyclist or anything. I do about 5 to 7 miles every morning before breakfast. I’ve only missed one day so far due to an early doctor’s appointment.

It’s not the best exercise to lose weight but it’s nice to be active and I get a lot of energy out of just those 30 minutes of cycling. It’s also a good time to think.