Thrift Store Finds: Cincinnati Comic Expo finds

Two weekends ago, it was the Cincy Comicon. Last weekend… the Cincinnati Comic Expo.

There’s a long, involved story as to how The Queen City came to have two comic conventions within two weeks of one another. Suffice to say, these two cons are very different beasts. If I had to define the difference, I would say that the Cincy Comicon is more purely a comic book show whereas the CCE leans much further toward a lot of the other aspects of pop culture that often get parceled with comic book shows. The CCE would be your choice destination if you wanted to shake hands with former Star Trek actors or extras from The Lord of the Rings movies. If you want to talk comics, you’d have better look at the Cincy Comicon. If you’ve read this blog at any length, I’m sure you know which side of the equation I’m more interested in… and indeed, from my perspective the Cincy Comicon was a FAR better show.

Yet, even keeping that in mind, I wanted to check out the CCE this year, if only because I’ve done it in the past and I didn’t have quite the shopping experience I was looking for at the Cincy Comicon.

Above are my spoils; below the cut, I’ll talk a little about them.


First off, I continued my quest to collect full creator runs of Chuck Dixon’s Robin and Mark Waid’s time on The Flash. I picked up quite a few books toward that endeavor, including a sizable chunk of the Terminal Velocity storyline in The Flash, which served to introduce the popular character Impulse to readers. I have that story in trades, but seeing as these books were all a quarter apiece, I threw caution to the wind.


Next, some comics I read as a kid. I picked up the Archie TMNT spin-off Mighty Mutanimals, a comic I hotly anticipated as a 9 year old. It paired off all the major guest star characters from the comic (including several, like Leatherhead and Mondo Gecko, who had their own action figures). I also picked up the first issue of the Archie TMNT series and Archie’s adaptation of the second live-action movie, The Secret of the Ooze. The rest of the books here were ones I bought and loved during my childhood, especially ALF.


Some of you might remember I have a now yearly tradition of writing about Christmas-themed comics around the holidays. I’m always snagging potential candidates for the Christmas Comic Cavalcade and these six are newly acquired. I won’t say too much about any of them right now as they’re likely fodder for future posts but I will point out that for some reason, The Punisher has an INSANE amount of Christmas comics. Marvel has published something like six Punisher Holiday specials! What’s up with that?


Some Jack Kirby stuff! The Super Powers book is just him on art chores, but Devil Dinosaur and Kamandi are pure Kirby… Kamandi especially. Really fun stuff.


I love to use this show as an excuse to catch up on current comics in a cheap fashion. For the most part, this has meant picking up new Marvel releases in bulk. You can see most of my purchases were critically acclaimed titles like Indestructible Hulk, Thor: God of Thunder, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought I’d give this Godzilla series a shot – I loved the old Godzilla comics from the 1970’s and these seem to have that vibe. I’m REALLY loving all of the Matt Fraction Fantastic Four stuff, both in the core title and FF.

My sole DC Comics purchase is Batman Superman #1, a team-up book people were crazy about when it hit stores a few months ago. On reading the thing, I thought it was fairly weak. It bums me out that I’m absolutely uninterested in DC’s new books but… that’s the way it goes.

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