Old Comics: The Agony of Da-Feet



Coming off of yesterday’s comic, I thought I’d post this blast from the past. It’s a page from a never-completed project I was working on during my senior year of college. Titled “The Agony of Da-Feet,” it was about my coming to terms with something my then-girlfriend said when she dumped me… namely, that she had fallen out of love with me during an ill-advised spring break trip to Toronto, during which I was in something of a foul mood.

Some cats play the blues, I drew this comic. I was trying to justify my attitude by pointing out how I spent much of the trip in absolute agony thanks to a problem I was having with my feet, among other annoyances like the Canadian government’s newly strict border policy due to 9/11. These things had little or nothing to do with Shannon or our relationship… but the idea they could snowball into something that would make a person fall out of love with me seemed like a good idea for a book.

I got about seven pages in and… I’m not sure what happened. I was still pining for Shan, but everything seemed a little less important to me. After being in a committed relationship through most of college, I found I had adequately proven my mettle to most of the female population of my college and was, I daresay, something of a serial dater during much of the last semester and a half of my undergrad years. I still hurt… but not bad enough that I needed to get it on the page.

I keep a lot of my old comics and artwork. Generally, they make me cringe when I look at them. This comic does not. Sometimes I even think about going back and finishing the thing, but there’s been too much water under the bridge. Still: Thought it was interesting, decided to post it.

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