Teacher Comics: This Makes No Sense!!!


Never forget the last round of M.A.P. testing.

2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: This Makes No Sense!!!”

  1. The same thing happened for us!

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      That really is insane!

      The answer we were given by our administrators about this crazy business was the company who administers the test only gives schools a certain “window” with which to input data.. which again, seems like it makes NO SENSE AT ALL. I believe my admin (who’s generally a straight shooter) when he says that he has no control over when we take the test… but it’s a little scary how “out of our hands” this whole experience is becoming.

      Of course, Mother Nature has decided to give the big ol’ middle finger to these data windows, so I’m left wondering what’s going to happen tomorrow when we get back to school.

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