General info

Folks, I’m taking the week off from posting new strips. We’re in the middle of administering the Ohio Graduation Tests and I have a backlog of grading about as long as my arm.

I will be reposting old strips over on my Tumblr blog, if you’re looking for daily comics from me, but those will likely be familiar to longtime readers here.

Also, I’m opening up the floor for questions once again: You ask a question in the comments and, if it’s a good one I haven’t answered before, I will give you a reply as a comic strip. I’m trying to build up a backlog of “question from reader” comics so I can continue posting when Ellen has the baby (which is coming up at the end of March/beginning of April). Fire away in the comments!


2 Responses to “General info”

  1. How did your students respond to CODE NAME VERITY? My daughter and her friend (both 14) didn’t like it at all, so I wonder if you had strong reactions either way from your students.

  2. Kevin Hellions Says:

    Have you ever said something to a student you immediately regretted? If so, what happened from there?

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