Questions from readers: Fav media?


So, a couple of notes about this one. Obviously, I drew this well in advanced of the end of How I Met Your Mother and… yeah, while there’s something to be said for a group of creative people “sticking to their guns” insofar as their preconceived end to the show, the finale of HIMYM, overall that last episode made me feel icky.

Secondly, well after drawing this comic, I realized: I ripped off the general structure of this strip from a very talented cartoonist named Melinda Boyce! It’s one of those thing where I read that comic like three or four years ago, forgot about it… and then ran across it again a few days after I drew this thing. Her version of this strip is a muuuuuuuch better version of this kind of thing (obviously) and you all should follow her comics at wherever they’re being posted right now.

Finally, you’ll notice no Doctor Who on those screens, but I am wearing a DW tee shirt. If you’re a fan of the doctor, the next few days will be your cuppa.

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