Teacher Comics: For real…



I struggled quite a bit with this comic. Strictly speaking, I try to keep the action of this comic trained on the work I do in the classroom… but if the educational landscape right now is any indication, I’m going to have to make some comics about the politics and economical realities of being an educator in the United States right now. This strip is, I suppose, the beginning of those.

In a way, I’m sorry I have to talk about things like my salary here… but in another sense, it does open up some new avenues for the comic. We’ll see what happens.


2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: For real…”

  1. It’s one of the “great taboos” of our profession, isn’t it, talking about pay? Like we are supposed to be highly educated, knowledgeable, and saintly. Saints don’t get paid.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      It’s funny you comment on this strip, Marlene. I have a follow-up to it ready to go but I thought posting it while I’m getting so much press for the comic wasn’t a good idea. I’m planning on putting it up next week though.

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