Teacher Comics: My credo, I guess…


4 Responses to “Teacher Comics: My credo, I guess…”

  1. That’s wonderful! In sociology of education, when all the best students and best teachers congregate at one or “magnet” schools (or tony suburban districts), we call it “creaming.” You’re right–it matters that qualified, caring, experienced teachers stay with students who need them.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Hey thanks. I’ve always prided myself on working in urban districts and in an ideal world, I’d be able to keep working in these types of schools until I retire:)

  2. And hey, commuting costs can add up!

    Especially if that’s a 10 minute walk or bike ride in the city and she’d have to buy a car to commute to the ‘burbs – that’ll turn a $10k raise into an effective pay cut right there.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      That’s very true – when I lived and worked in Brooklyn, my MetroCard cost as much as a car, easily.

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