Teacher Comics: Dystopia/Utopia?


3 Responses to “Teacher Comics: Dystopia/Utopia?”

  1. I’ve been thinking that too: this generation feels like the world is ending. Maybe it has to do with feeling separate from the natural world — they may be connected to devices, but not necessarily to each other or something bigger. The disconnection leaves them floating freely in the blackness — a fetus without a cord. Disturbing, but I see that in some of my students faces and actions.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      That’s a really good and deep point you make… and it’s especially relevant in urban districts, I think.

      I was pretty interested in dystopia/end of the world style literature when I was a kid though (The Stand by Stephen King was a favorite of mine) so I also think there’s something about the unfairness inherent in these genres that appeals to teenagers who, most of the time, feel pretty powerless.

      Also, I should say… I had been planning on doing a few more comics themed around this idea, but unfortunately time marched on and I never got the chance. Hopefully I can revisit this sometime in the future.

  2. Dystopian novels are a source of concern. Thank you for the comic. As an educated, engineering female, I wonder how we can communicate with the younger generation. They are our future. I’m going to read your comics and try to figure it out. No pressure …


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