Teacher Comics: Good Mood Food


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  1. This might not be the situation with this student, but it occurred to me that sometimes a student might hit up Arby’s at 7am on the way to school if breakfast hadn’t been provided at home. Let’s say, hypothetically, that Mom works third shift. Maybe she’s a nurse, maybe she works at a factory. And maybe Dad has already left for work. So she’s supposed to get herself up, get dressed, make herself breakfast and head to school. But she’s a teenager, so it was hard to get to sleep before midnight and she needs 9 hours of sleep, so she hit the snooze button three times and in that moment stopping at Arby’s on the way to school, spending the money she earned herself, and eating as she walks the rest of the way seems like the better choice. I’m not saying you should let her eat in your class, but I know for a fact that if my boys stopped at Arby’s on the way to school, they’d pick the milkshake, too. (They’re in middle school and our school has a good breakfast program, so we’re not there, but this is definitely one of those “There but for the Grace of G*d go I” moments.)

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