Teacher comics: 5 AM at the gas station






Normally if I’m telling a little extended story, I’ll try to write them in such a way that I can parse them out over the course of the week. I couldn’t make that schedule fit for this.

The only other thing I want to say is this young person, with just a couple of kind words, reaffirmed my belief in being an educator right at a time when I was at my lowest in regards to this profession. I love being a teacher, but the bureaucracy is killing me. Thanks to this young man, wherever he is.


2 Responses to “Teacher comics: 5 AM at the gas station”

  1. I love this. Thanks.

  2. Andrew R. Johnson Says:

    Thank you for creating this one. I’ve had this experience before, and it really changes the way you look at your job. I had a student that decided to apply to college, because I apparently told her once that she could really go places and was great at school, and ran into her during her sophomore year at university. She is the first person from her family to go to college, first one to get out of that town. It was a fantastic feeling, one I will probably never forget.

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