Teacher comics: Y’all

Let me tell you something – there is nothing a New Yorker likes more than going some other place and talking about how much better the food is in New York. It’s our favorite thing to do. Bagels, hot dogs, Chinese take out, pizza; you name it, we’ll fetishize it, New Yorker style.

4 Responses to “Teacher comics: Y’all”

  1. Buffalo Wings!!!!!

    Can’t get ‘Em anywhere else.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      That’s true. I went to college right by Buffalo and I know folks who argue you can’t even find good wings out of Western NY.

  2. I’m a Jersey girl who says y’all, usually for the same reason! I’ve gotten called out on it by my students, too

  3. Christi G. Says:

    Ya’ll is fine coming from a former midwest girl who moved to Texas and then back out to the midwest, it’s when you say “All Ya’ll” really fast that your in trouble. Or All Ya’ll Guys.

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