Teacher Comics: What’s the end result?


8 Responses to “Teacher Comics: What’s the end result?”

  1. Did you pick this story arc for right now because it’s National Transgender Awareness Week (November 14-20), or was it just coincidence? Today (November 20) is Transgender Day of Remembrance as well.

  2. Yes, it’s absolutely worth it. I used to work in a group home where 10 teenage girls lived. These were children who were/are in the custody of Child Protective Services. I used gender neutral language with them and eventually some of the girls who had lived there for a longer period of time adopted this language and encouraged others to use it too. It’s necessary to model. Remember you are a bigger influence than you give yourself credit for.

  3. Awesome! I think just a few moments of thought can help us use language that is not unnecessarily gendered. I always say that this needs to start when kids are really young, so I’m so glad to know that at least one teacher is heading in the right direction. Keep it up!

  4. I do my best to learn peoples names. Using words like students or class to address a group of students.

  5. The routine at my district is to refer to learners as “my friend” or (to the whole class) “Friends,” which to me encourages a positive ear toward whatever message or request comes afterward.

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