Teacher Comics: Fan Page


This is the comic you might have seen me drawing in the Local12 news story from yesterday.

…and here’s the fan site! I posted it a few days ago but decided it’d be better off in this post:

Pearce Pupils

I’m pretty sure my students are making fun of me with this Instagram account… but maybe they’re not? In either case, they sure found the most embarrassing photos in my personal feed to use!

2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: Fan Page”

  1. Michael Blog Says:

    Hate to be nit-picky, but it’s “compel-i-ment,” not “compl-e-ment” in this case.

    Wait – it’s okay to be nit-picky; you’re an English teacher! 🙂

  2. Hey Michael Blog, while we’re nit-picking — it’s compliment — not compeliment. Although that is an interesting coined word!

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