Teacher Comics: Fears


6 Responses to “Teacher Comics: Fears”

  1. It’s true. And people brush the significance of these worries off if they have never lived them, but honestly, sometimes they are all consuming. If the heat got cut off, how on earth will we raise the hundreds of dollars they want as a deposit now to get it turned on again?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      It is true; I do think as a nation we need to focus more on systemic problems that are stopping our students from learning. I live in hope that someday that will be the case.

  2. i would like to know how you got published because im a comic writer and i would like to know how to get it out there.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Dustin, I basically just scan art out of my sketchbook and post it on this site. Beyond that, I’m working on making some Xeroxed ‘zines for sale sometime next week!

  3. Yeah, it’s the same with the students I teach at the community college level. A colleague and I were just talking about this today, actually.

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